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Ways to clean between your teeth.

Ways to clean between your teeth.

Not a traditional string floss fan? No problem! Nowadays there's lots of options out there to help clean between your teeth.

• Floss Picks

Easy to bring with you on the go and practice a little oral hygiene in the car! Great for people with big hands or sensitive gag reflexes.

• Water Flosser

Messy but effective! Like power washing under your gums, this tool gets deeper than regular floss can. Check out a cordless option for use in the shower. Great for those with gum disease or in ortho.

• Proxy Brushes

Small Christmas tree shaped brushes that are perfect for bigger spaces between the teeth that trap food or are just too wide for floss to be effective in. Also great for those with braces. Can be rinsed and reused for up to a month!

• Toothpicks

Old fashioned plaque removal is still effective! The pointed end on these takes a steady hand to not accidentally poke yourself in the gums, but these can be effective for food stuck right along the gum line or in wider spaces between the teeth.

No matter your tool of choice, remember that cleaning between the teeth once per day is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine to prevent cavities and gum disease! Not sure which option is best for you? Ask your hygienist at your next cleaning for a personalized home care recommendation.