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Bad breath

Bad breath

Many people complain about bad breath, or halitosis, but it can be hard to know where it comes from. The main cause of bad breath is an excess of bacteria in the mouth.

Good brushing and flossing at home reduces the amount of bacteria present in the mouth. Brushing your tongue is a big help to fighting against bad breath. Something like a tongue scraper, which can be purchased at most grocery/drug stores, is great for removing the film of dead cells and bacteria from the tongue.

Many mouthwashes such as Listerine, ACT, or Colgate Total; used no more than twice a day, also can help to reduce the bad bacteria in the mouth. Other things that can cause bad breath include dry mouth (often from medications), acid reflux, and cavities in the mouth.

If you have persistent bad breath please bring it up at your next visit so that we can help identify what may be causing it.