Who Is at Risk for Gum Recession?

Posted on: March 6, 2019

Gum recession can be frightening and sometimes uncomfortable. Being aware of what gum recession looks like as well as who is at risk can be helpful for anyone that believes they are experiencing it.

While there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the cause of gum recession, most things are simple and can be avoided so long as a person changes certain lifestyle habits. Today, we will go over who is at risk for gum recession and what they can do to stop being at risk. Read more below!

Gum recession

What is gum recession?

Some people will find that their gums are pulling back from their teeth, thus making the teeth look longer or bigger. This means that the gums are receding and almost anyone can be affected. However, there are certain things that some people do that might make them more likely to experience gum recession.

Who is at risk for gum recession?

While anyone can experience receding gums, there are some people who do things that might increase their chances of it affecting them. The following may make a person more prone to receding gums:

– Tobacco use or cigarette smoking

– Poor oral hygiene: not brushing & flossing or excessive amounts

– Gum disease or infected gums

– Elderly age

– Trauma or injury to the gums: sports or rough play

– Bad tooth roots

People that are prone to receding gums may take great precautions when it comes to oral health and they can still end up with gum recession. A lot of things are uncontrollable but it can be helpful to know what things to contribute to gum recession so that people can change their habits.

Avoiding gum recession

When people smoke cigarettes or consume heavy amounts of tobacco, their gums are likely to recede because tobacco eats away at the gum tissue. It’s best to rid of tobacco use or limit it as much as possible. Avoiding rough play or sports that may cause injuries to the mouth can also help with potential gum recession.

It’s always best to brush and floss regularly so that the gums do stay in healthy shape. However, even people that have a strict oral routine are prone to gum recession but it may decrease their likelihood. Avoid excessive brushing and flossing as it could harm the gums eventually, causing the tissue to recede back.

Talking with a dentist is ultimately the best thing that someone can do if they suspect that their gums are receding. A dentist can examine the gums closely to determine whether or not the recession is forming due to poor oral hygiene, genetics or deeper issues like bad tooth roots or previous trauma.

Gum recession can be strange to people that aren’t aware of what it is. Any signs that indicate that the gums are receding should be addressed by a periodontist or dentist so that the best course of treatment can be determined.

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