What Does a Dental Cleaning Include?

Posted on: September 11, 2019

Are you thinking about getting a dental cleaning? This is an important appointment not only for your mouth and teeth but also for your overall health and wellness. Regular visits to the dentist office will not only help your teeth look and feel nicer, but dental professionals might identify serious issues. It is essential that you make it a priority to come to the dentist at least twice a year for these cleanings. It is easy to let time pass by and neglect proper care and treatment.

Some people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist because they do not understand what will take place. If you have similar feelings and deal with dental anxiety, have a discussion with your dentist. The dentist can explain what a dental cleaning includes and help you achieve the oral well-being you want and need.


In the most serious cases, dentists can spot a cavity on a patient’s tooth just by looking in the mouth. Sometimes, the patient might even be able to detect such a problem. However, X-rays are an effective way to uncover more challenging issues. With the help of an X-ray, the team will know what treatments to prescribe and how to correct the disorder. The hygienist or another staff member will usually take X-rays at the beginning of the appointment.

Plaque and tartar removal

The buildup of plaque and tartar is common in patients of all ages. The dental cleaning will also entail the hygienist using a tool to scrape away these unwanted guests. The dentist may perform this duty, as well. This is generally a pain-free process.


Brushing is critical to one’s oral health, but no one should forget to floss daily either. Unfortunately, many people neglect this essential task, which is why the hygienist will make sure to do it as part of the appointment. Some patients’ gums may bleed during this part of the visit. This signifies the need to floss more frequently. Dentists recommend doing so after every meal.

Dental polishing

Next, the hygienist will use a tool with polish on the tip to clean the teeth and help make them shine. Patients with sensitive teeth may experience some discomfort during this process. It is important for people who have these issues to let the staff know. The hygienist will polish the entire part of each and every tooth.

Dental exam

Lastly, the dentist will stop by and take a look at the person’s teeth. The dentist will go over any problem areas the hygienist identified. They will also look over the X-rays and discuss concerns with the patient. At this point, the dentist may provide instructions such as better brushing techniques. Next steps and treatments will also be discussed.

Schedule a dental cleaning

There is no need to feel nervous when you visit your dentist. Now that you know what goes into a dental cleaning appointment, make sure you make regular visits. You will notice a difference in the way your teeth look and feel.

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