What Can a Dentist do to Prevent Dry Mouth Issues?

Posted on: January 16, 2019

Dry mouth is common among a lot of people and most everyone is always searching for ways to reduce it or even eliminate it. While there are always ways to remedy dry mouth at home, visiting with a dentist is the best thing that a person can do when they’re experiencing long-term dry mouth. A dentist knows different methods to help relieve a person of dry mouth.

Talking with a dentist is in a person’s best interest because the person can go over their situation, overall health, and any habits that may be causing dry mouth. The dentist can then access what might be causing the dry mouth which will help them to know what the best treatment is. Today, we will discuss different things that a dentist may suggest doing for dry mouth.

Preventing dry mouth

Evaluate one’s health and habits

As obvious as it may sound, talking with the dentist can be extremely beneficial to one’s overall health, let alone dry mouth problems. A dentist can evaluate and go over a person’s daily health routines or any habits that they may have. Sometimes a person might not realize that some of the things that they are doing may be the cause of their dry mouth.

A dentist may also ask about any medications that a person might be taking as some medications cause dry mouth. This way, the dentist can make recommendations about cutting back on certain habits like smoking or changing out a type of medication.

Make recommendations

If a person talks with their dentist about their dry mouth issues then the dentist might be able to recommend certain products for the person to try. For example, the type of gum someone chews may have an effect on how often their mouth gets dry. A person’s routine for cleaning their teeth may also have an effect on their dry mouth. The dentist can then recommend a different way to care for their teeth.


A dentist has the capability to prescribe certain things that can help prevent or reduce dry mouth. There are mouthwashes that increase saliva flow and decrease the dryness in the mouth. There are also dental gels that can prevent the mouth from getting dry.


Of course, a person should always try home remedies for dry mouth, but ultimately visiting the dentist can only benefit a person when they are experiencing dry mouth. A dentist is trained in helping a patient with any issues that come up regarding oral health. While they can help a person take preventative measures, it often requires that a person outline everything that they do each day in order for a dentist to be precise in helping the patient.

If you have further questions or concerns about dry mouth and how a dentist can help prevent it then reach out to us today. We are happy to help guide you through your dry mouth issues, give us a call or stop in to make an appointment.

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