Visit a Family Dentist Office for These Services

Posted on: April 11, 2019

A family dentist performs many preventative and restorative treatments that keep your entire family's teeth healthy and looking their best. They also make it more convenient for different family members with different oral issues to get the treatment they need all at the same place.

Who wants to spend an entire afternoon chauffeuring the entire family to different dentists at different locations?

Treatments commonly performed by a family dentist  

1. Teeth cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends getting your teeth cleaned at least twice each year and a family dentist performs these services. A teeth cleaning gets rid of tartar buildup on teeth surfaces, which helps to keep tooth decay away. The dentist also performs an oral evaluation during a cleaning so any developing issues the patient has can be detected early on.

2. Fillings

Fillings are extremely affordable and they effectively stop the first stages of tooth decay in its tracks. Just like the name implies, fillings are used to fill up cavities – which are holes that form on teeth surfaces. They are created by acids in the things a person eats and acids that are made by oral bacteria.

Failing to deal with cavities with fillings often leads to serious dental issues down the road.

3. Dental bonding

Dental bonding is another affordable procedure that is provided by family dentists. During the procedure, the dentist applies a composite resin directly to the patient's teeth and the material is molded as desired. It is hardened with ultraviolet light and polished to make it shine just like real teeth.

It is virtually impossible to tell when a person's tooth has been restored with dental bonding and it can be used to deal with a variety of issues like tooth decay, discoloration and poorly-shaped teeth.

4. Teeth whitening

Family dentists also perform a variety of cosmetic procedures and teeth whitening is one of them. Getting teeth whitened by a dentist is a lot more effective than using an over-the-counter product since the dentist has access to stronger whitening agents.

A patient's teeth will be significantly whiter after a single visit to the dentist.

5. Root canal

Patients can also get a root canal from a family dentist. Root canals are reserved for severe cases of tooth decay. If the pulp and nerve have been infected by bacteria, the dentist will remove them and apply medication to the area.

The cavity is sealed up with a special material and the tooth is typically covered with a crown to prevent further decay.

6. Teeth straightening

Family dentists also help their patients to deal with common teeth alignment issues. Orthodontic devices like braces or clear aligners are often used for this and they can be installed by a family dentist.

A family dentist does it all

A family dentist is a one-stop solution for all of your family's dental needs. Set up an appointment with a dental professional if you or a family member is dealing with a dental problem.

Request an appointment here: or call Lotus Family Dental: Yuki Dykes DDS at (303) 502-2744 for an appointment in our Aurora office.

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