Don’t Forget to Schedule Dental Cleanings for the Whole Family

Kids, and adults, usually dread a dental cleaning. And any parent knows that getting the kids and spouse out of the house in a timely fashion is a wondrous feat, not to mention trying to make an appointment on time. … Continued

Is There a Dentist for Young Children?

Wanting some information on a dentist for young children? There are dentists who specialize in treating only children and adolescents. There are also regular dentists and family dentists who can treat young children. This means that you have choices when … Continued

What Alternatives to Dentures are Available?

Dentures have become more popular with time but most people associate them with the elderly which is in fact not always the case. Dentures can be used for anyone who has teeth that are missing. However, a lot of people … Continued

What Can a Dentist do to Prevent Dry Mouth Issues?

Dry mouth is common among a lot of people and most everyone is always searching for ways to reduce it or even eliminate it. While there are always ways to remedy dry mouth at home, visiting with a dentist is … Continued

What Can Happen With Missing Teeth?

If someone loses their tooth or a few teeth in adulthood, they will not grow back as they did during childhood. Having a missing tooth or teeth can affect general health and oral health as teeth play a significant role … Continued

How Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Teeth

Who doesn’t love a nice cold beer, or a glass of wine to wind down after a long day of work? Maybe you prefer to enjoy happy hour drinks with coworkers or weekend day drinking. Regardless of a person's preference, … Continued

Teeth Whitening Gels or Toothpaste?

As the holidays begin to approach in full swing, having the perfect smile for your family’s holiday photo is necessarily important. A pearly white smile is the best asset that a person can own, but are your teeth really pearly white? … Continued

Dental Onlays for Single Tooth Restoration

If you are looking at a single tooth restoration, you will see many options available — from veneers to crowns and dental onlays, which can make the decision confusing. Understanding your options and the care involved with each is important … Continued

Is Having an Extra Tooth Common?

It is normal for most people to form 20 baby teeth that will then be fully substituted by 32 permanent teeth. In some cases, the teeth may not appear completely, a condition known as hypodontia. In much rarer cases, all … Continued

Dental Veneers Procedure: 4 Common Questions

If you are self-conscious about smiling in public because of the appearance of your teeth or if you feel your teeth could look a little better, you should consider asking your dentist about getting a dental veneers procedure to make … Continued