Oral Hygiene When Wearing Dentures

Posted on: December 19, 2019

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Dentures can be an effective way to restore your smile, help you chew and speak normally and have full function of your mouth. Still, you need to continue to pay attention to your oral health. This can be a little different and more challenging when you wear this apparatus. With the right care, you can have healthy gums and keep your dentures looking nice.

The benefits of having dentures

For people with missing teeth, dentures can provide much-needed relief. This appliance not only fills in missing spaces and gaps in the person’s mouth, but it also allows the individual to chew normally. A toothless smile can change the shape of a person’s mouth, but dentures can prevent that from happening. This treatment can provide ease of mind and improve a person’s self-esteem as they are out in public and in other social settings.

Taking care of the dentures

Though there are some versions of this appliance that attach to implants, many patients choose the removable option. This can make maintenance more manageable for some people. When a person has this appliance, it is important to take it out after every meal and rinse it thoroughly. Just like with natural teeth, it is critical to brush it daily too. The person should use non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. At night, when it is time to retire to bed, the individual should remove the appliance and soak it in a solution (the dentist will recommend the right type).

The patient’s responsibility

The person who wears dentures should not think that having this apparatus eliminates any need to keep up with dental habits. People should be especially mindful of their gums. This area where the dentures rest can accumulate food particles and develop bacteria and other problems. After removing the appliance, the individual should take a damp cloth and wipe the gums thoroughly.

Handle with care

Dentures are strong enough to stand up to biting, but the appliance can break if people are not careful. Anytime the person is rinsing the apparatus, they should place a towel over the counter. Keep the appliance in a protective case and out of reach of pets or small children. If the wearer notices a broken artificial tooth or a cracked base, the person should inform the dentist right away. Dentists can usually make emergency appointments for patients in this case in order to quickly repair the appliance.

Make them last

With diligence and focus, you can maintain your dentures for many years to come. This appliance is breakable and can wear out. However, if you clean it frequently and exercise care when taking it out and putting it in, you can have peace of mind to know that it will do its job effectively. Dentures not only restore your smile, but this treatment enables you to eat foods you have not enjoyed in years. Do not take the apparatus for granted. Commit today to keep up on good oral hygiene for yourself and for your appliance.

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