How Long do CEREC Crowns Last?

Posted on: November 2, 2017

CERECCEREC dental restorations provide a precise and comfortable fit. Yet many questions how long CEREC crowns last. Below, we take a look at CEREC dental restorations and explain the expected lifespan of this popular oral health solution.

The Basics of CEREC Crowns

This technology involves the use of digital impressions for a highly accurate result that maintains oral health and enhances aesthetics. CEREC imaging details even the smallest portion of the teeth to provide the best possible fit. A milling machine forms the porcelain crown from high-density ceramic.

Once this process completes, the crown is put on the tooth in question or the dental implant. Durable cement holds it in place. We will provide a final polish and then the patient has a lovely mouth to show off.

Crown Lifespan

In general, a porcelain crown lasts about a decade or 15 years. Certain crowns have the potential to last for upwards of three decades. CEREC porcelain crowns will provide years of natural-looking teeth. The specific lifespan hinges on the individual client’s mouth, oral health hygiene habits and other factors. In general, traditional crowns and CEREC crowns have a similar lifespan.

Expect a crown with excellent craftsmanship to last upwards of a decade and a half or longer. Use the nightguard described below for nighttime protection and the CEREC crowns will provide that much more utility. Do not worry about the comfort of a potential nightguard. The dentist will ensure the patient’s custom nightguard fits comfortably so the patient can obtain a restful night of sleep.

Proper Care

Regardless of the patient grinding his or her teeth at night, a CEREC crown requires proper care. For the most part, proper care merely involves brushing and flossing at least twice a day. If one does not brush or floss the surrounding teeth properly, then there is a higher chance of infection spreading.

While the restoration is not natural tooth enamel and cannot sustain an infection, it can trap food and plaque that does cause an infection. Thus, it is crucial for the patient to continue regular dental care and make appointments to keep the restoration in proper condition.

What Factors Impact Crown Lifespan?

Those who tend to clench or grind their teeth will find their crown does not last as long as anticipated. Many CEREC dentists recommend patients consider wearing a nightguard throughout the night to protect the new restoration while sleeping. This nightguard will reduce grinding in the nighttime hours and keep the CEREC crowns, teeth and facial muscles safe.

Once the patient considers all of the relevant factors along with the CEREC dentist’s experience, the patient will be able to obtain a general estimated lifespan. The dentist might even have some current patients’ before and after shots to show the patient the lasting improvement that extends years or even decades.

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