How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Teeth are Pulled?

Posted on: April 2, 2018

There are several options and different types of dentures to choose from after your teeth are pulled. Keep in mind, the type of dentures you choose should depend on you, the individual. The choice should always be tailored to the extent of work that was done.

If the patient has a deep infection, it is wise to wait awhile to get dentures, as your gum needs to properly heal. It takes time and proper care for the mouth tissue to heal correctly.  It really depends on what type of dentures you choose to get when it comes to waiting times after the extraction of your teeth/tooth.

Different Types Of Dentures

If you are choosing to get customized dentures, the typical wait time to get these type of dentures is anywhere between three to six months after the initial extraction.

The patient can choose to get dental implants, these are permanent. This type of denture can be secured to the patient's jawbone once it heals, which can take anywhere from four to six months.

Our qualified dentists make sure to add a perfectly crafted aesthetic look to your teeth when it comes to your dentures. Unfortunate circumstances happen, we understand, this is why we make sure to provide the best cosmetic dentistry around.  Your health and well-being is number one.

If you do not properly fit your mouth with dentures, then your jawbone could shrink, it can ruin your jaw and later become more painful than the teeth that were extracted in the first place.

Once we thoroughly examine your situation, your new dentures will have you shining with newfound confidence. If you have one or two teeth missing, your options will be different, in this case, it is likely that you will need one dental implant.  During this type of scenario, it is possible to provide an immediate implant; if the gum is diseased, then there will be a wait time until the gum properly heals, which is the same as above—four to six months.

If you are a healthy candidate for immediate dentures, your prosthodontist will certainly let you know, in this case, you will be able to receive dentures the same day you had your teeth extracted from your gum.

Types Of Dentures

  • Customized dentures

    • Partial Dentures

    • Complete Dentures

  • Dental implants

  • Immediate dentures

In some instances, you will be required to wait four-six months, if your case is minor, your wait times will be minimized.  Dentures not only aid people’s self-confidence, but they help keep the jawbone intact, so it doesn’t overlap and fall down. The jaw is used to having teeth (bone) in place, once this is gone, deterioration, known as resorption, will occur at a faster rate.

Make sure to look at all of your options to determine what types of dentures work best for you.

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