How An Oral Surgeon Can Treat a Facial Injury

Posted on: May 8, 2019

Facial injuries or facial traumas are injuries that someone can incur from a number of events. Typically, they include ones received during contact sports, on the job, at home or in a car accident. These injuries affect the jaw, face, and teeth. When these injuries occur it is important to take the person to the nearest emergency room first.

After being inspected at an emergency room, the next steps may be for them to visit a specialist to have any severe injuries fixed. Typically an Oral Surgeon will be included if the jaw and/or teeth have been affected.

Oral surgeons help in treating injuries to the face, jaw, and teeth

Because of their extensive training in regards to the teeth, jawline and facial structures, Oral Surgeons are trained in treating traumatic injuries that people may experience. They will help in the restoration of these areas, along with the emotional aspects that people experience with these type of traumatic injuries.

Soft tissue repair and restoration

Oral Surgeons also help in the repair and restoration of the soft tissues in and around a persons mouth and face. They’ve been trained on the best restorative techniques that will help in obtaining the best cosmetic results in restoring a person's facial structure.

Facial bones

Stabilizing the facial bones are important in restoring the structure of the face. These bones can be for the jaw, cheek, neck, and eye socket. When it comes to restoring the facial structure an oral surgeon will be aware of what aspects need to be repaired and in what order for the best results.

Teeth and the surrounding areas

When someone has a traumatic facial injury, it is typical that there has been damage to the teeth and jawbone. This is another aspect that an oral surgeon is an expert in. Replacing and repairing teeth will be apart of the restorative procedure and the oral surgeon will outline what aspects need to be repaired and when.

Can an oral surgeon really help with facial trauma?

A traumatic facial injury is an extremely painful experience both physically and emotionally. Oral surgeons have been trained in this area and are there to help patients both with the physical repairs, as well as coping with the emotional ups and downs.

Picking the right oral surgeon is important, especially when recovering from a traumatic experience that had major effects on the persons look and functioning in day to day life. However, speaking to an oral surgeon and finding out their experience with handling traumatic facial injuries can be beneficial for getting the results that someone requires.

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