FAQs About a Kid Friendly Dentist

Posted on: July 16, 2019

When parents first begin looking for a kid friendly dentist, they may not understand the benefits of having one or why one is so important. Before choosing between a pediatric and a family practitioner, a parent should understand certain facts about a children’s dentist.

Common questions and answers regarding dentists for children

Parents may have questions regarding how to choose a dentist for young children. Answering these questions brings several benefits to light and can help parents understand the importance of early childhood oral health.

What a pediatric dentist is

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry defines a pediatric dentist as someone who has advanced training for two to three years to work specifically with children to promote good oral health from a young age. A kid friendly dentist also has knowledge of child development and behaviors. These professionals support the health of young teeth and strive to provide treatment and tips to help parents start children off with good oral health. 

What techniques does a kid friendly dentists use

A pediatric oral health provider typically uses a “tell-show-do” method to teach oral care to children, according to The Center for Pediatric Dentistry. In this technique, a dentist explains what is going to happen, shows the child what tool will be used and then completes the procedure. This is repeated with each tool or step of the process, so the child is relaxed and understands what is happening.

A kid friendly dentist can also use special terms and nicknames to put the child at ease, such as Thirsty Charlie for the saliva suction equipment and tooth pillows for cotton rolls. The terminology and slow explanations help the child feel comfortable and create a fun environment.

How often should a child visit a dentist

According to the American Dental Association, a child’s first visit to the dentist should be six months after the appearance of a first tooth. A child should have at least one cleaning and checkup each year to make sure there is no tooth decay or other problems, although the kid friendly dentist may suggest visits more often based on the overall health of a child’s teeth and gums. If there are, treatment can be completed to solve the problem.

How can a pediatric dentist help promote good health

Taking a child to a dentist at an early age can do two things for the child’s oral health. First, the parent and child can be instructed on ways to take care of the teeth and gums. This includes proper brushing techniques, how much toothpaste to use, how to floss and how often to brush. Second, it is a preventative measure. A thorough inspection can look for signs of cavities or gum disease, after which a dentist can provide cleaning tips to ensure a child receives proper oral care.


Answering common questions relating to a kid friendly dentist can help parents understand the many benefits available to early dental visits. Once you understand the benefits of early dental care, it is easy to feel comfortable taking your child to the office for a checkup or cleaning.

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