Emergency Dentist: What to do if You Knock Out a Tooth

Posted on: July 2, 2019

One of the most common injuries an emergency dentist treats is a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth, which can be the result of a sports injury, physical altercation or a variety of other causes. The immediate time after a tooth is knocked out is crucial, and it is important to know how to handle the situation properly.

How to handle a knocked out tooth

Anyone who is at increased risk of a mouth injury, such as hockey players, construction workers, etc., should know how to handle a knocked out tooth, which can ensure the tooth is not lost completely and can be repositioned. The following is a step-by-step process on exactly how to handle a knocked out tooth. 

Find the tooth

One of the most common mistakes patients make is going to the dentist without the knocked out tooth. The first step to take after a tooth is knocked out of the mouth is to find the tooth as soon as possible. In many instances after a tooth is knocked out, the person can be overwhelmed by the situation, especially if the injury causes a moderate to severe level of pain. However, it is important to try and remain as calm and possible and locate the tooth quickly. 

Rinse the tooth

After the tooth is found, carefully pick it up by the crown and not the root. If the tooth is clean, then it might not need much rinsing. If the tooth falls on a potentially dirty surface, however, then it is important to thoroughly rinse it off in lukewarm water. It is important not to use soap or any chemicals to clean it but rather only rinse it gently with water. 

Preserve the tooth

Caring for the tooth is very important while on the way to the emergency dentist. In some instances, the tooth might be able to be positioned back into place after rinsing it off, but it is important not to force it back into the socket. If the tooth cannot safely be placed, then it is important to keep it moist, which can be accomplished by placing the tooth gently into a glass of milk. 

Call the emergency dentist

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to call the emergency dentist after a tooth is knocked out. Ideally, she or he is able to have you come in within thirty minutes of the accident, which gives the patient a great chance to save the tooth. At the very latest, it is important to choose an emergency dentist that is able to treat you within just a few hours of the incident. 

Visit an emergency dentist today

If you have suffered an injury that has caused one of your teeth to be knocked out, then give us a call immediately and schedule a time to come in to see us as soon as possible. Here at our office, we are well-equipped to handle dental emergencies in an effective and efficient manner. 

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