Don’t Forget to Schedule Dental Cleanings for the Whole Family

Posted on: February 16, 2019

Kids, and adults, usually dread a dental cleaning. And any parent knows that getting the kids and spouse out of the house in a timely fashion is a wondrous feat, not to mention trying to make an appointment on time. Dental appointments are no exception.

Did you know you can schedule a group dental cleaning for your whole family? One way to eliminate the dread of multiple appointments at different practices is scheduling all of your family members at the same time. This is the advantage of going to a family dentist.

Often, the kids take precedence over parents when it comes to oral health. But adults need dental cleanings just as often as children do. Instilling good oral health habits starts with leading by example. Surround the idea of a dental cleaning and exam with positivity when around your children. This can squash any fear associated with a dentist visit.

Kids and dental health

Starting at age two, your child will need two dental cleanings per year. These first dentist visits are crucial to a life filled with healthy teeth habits. The very first dental examination should be in your child’s first year so the dentist can check on the healthy development of teeth. Having a dentist you trust is valuable, especially with any new additions to the family.

Building trust

Once you find a dentist everyone in your family likes, it makes it much easier to go to cleanings together. Sticking with the same dentist throughout the years also allows you to have access to a detailed history of your dental health, all in one place. The practice will get to know you and your family over the years. The dentist will then be able to better diagnose and treat any issues that arise.

Parents need dental exams too

Your life is centered around the kids. You want the best for them, and so does your dentist. You may think this means taking care of your children first over yourself. But with a family dentist, you do not have to make compromises on any of your family members oral health – including your own.

An added bonus, once your children see you go through a dental cleaning during a group visit, they will be more likely to follow in your footsteps. A parent will also be able to comfort the child during his or her dental cleaning.

Not only children have reservations about a dental cleaning, though. Having your spouse there with you can be comforting, both for you and for them.

In conclusion

Instilling good oral health habits starts early in a child's life means making appointments for them early in life. Give your child the best chance at a life filled with healthy teeth and save yourself from stress by booking a single appointment for the whole family.

Scheduling bi-yearly dental cleanings for a group is made much easier with a family dentist. Instead of trying to coordinate multiple appointments for your spouse and kids, consider scheduling all at the same time. The convenience of one appointment means less hassle and more healthy habits.

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