Does a Kid Friendly Dentist in Aurora Fill a Cavity in a Baby Tooth?

Posted on: November 8, 2019

Kid Friendly Dentist Aurora, CO

When a kid friendly dentist in Aurora diagnoses a cavity in a baby tooth, parents may wonder if it is really that big of a deal. After all, baby teeth are so small and white and cute. It is hard to believe that a cavity in one of those could be big enough and serious enough to cause a problem. Besides, those teeth are just going to fall out anyway, right? What’s the point of fillings, other than giving the Tooth Fairy a little metal to collect? In reality, however, taking care of those tiny cavities may be essential to a child’s health and development, now and in the future.

Keeping baby teeth safe

Though temporary, baby teeth still have plenty of work to do until the permanent teeth move in. These are the only teeth a child has to chew with, and if they are decaying and sore, eating may not seem so appealing. Pain and discomfort from cavities can affect a child’s food intake and nutrition, and that is bad news for young growing bodies.

Depth of decay

Cavities left to deepen and grow can spread to nearby teeth. That means more dental work and expense when a kid friendly dentist in Aurora finally gets to it and a scarier experience for the child. Addressing tooth decay right away can minimize trauma for both kids and parents.

Developmental concerns

Painful teeth can delay speech development since kids may want to move their mouth or touch their teeth with their tongue as little as possible. A child with rotting teeth may be reluctant to smile, which can impair social development and positive emotions. Cavities can even affect a child’s overall health if infection in a tooth spreads and becomes a sinus infection, brings more misery and perhaps even causes some missed days of school. Unlikely as it seems, something as tiny as a cavity in a baby tooth, if it is left unaddressed, can grow into a problem with major repercussions.

Permanent problems

Leaving a baby-tooth cavity unattended can also lead to trouble for the permanent tooth growing underneath. An infection can spread to that tooth-in-waiting, compromising it before it even has a chance to break through the gum. A bad baby tooth can also lead to gum and jaw problems that give permanent teeth a poor environment to grow into.


Of course, the easiest way to deal with baby-tooth cavities is to keep them from forming in the first place. Talk to a kid friendly dentist in Aurora about good ways to prevent cavities and establish healthy dental routines at home. Beneficial practices include brushing and flossing after meals, regular dentist visits, limiting consumption of juice and other sweet liquids and discouraging the eating of sticky sweets that hang onto a tooth and cause trouble. With luck, your child will never have to deal with a cavity in a baby tooth and will build good habits to prevent cavities at all ages and stages.

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