Denture FAQs

Posted on: February 27, 2018

DentureAre dentures expensive?

The cost of dentures differs based on a number of different factors.  The cost hinges on whether you need full dentures or partial dentures, whether you have dental insurance or if you have unique circumstances.  For the most part, the majority of dental insurance covers the cost of dentures. While full dentures usually carry a higher co-pay, the cost of dentures probably will not zap your savings.

Add dentures to your mouth and you will spend that much less on procedures/treatments.  In fact, dentures have the potential to save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

How long do dentures last?

Dentures typically last between half a decade and a decade. The dentist will periodically inspect the dentures to ensure they are functional, comfortable and undamaged. It is worth noting that the human jaw bone shrinks during the aging process. As a result, the fit of the dentures might alter over time.

Discuss the fit and condition of the dentures with a dentist as necessary. Do not give up on dentures simply because they reach the decade mark. A dentist will help to determine if a patient’s dentures have one or several years of service remaining.

How are partial dentures different from full dentures?

Partial dentures are helpful when there are natural teeth that can stay in the mouth.  A partial denture can replace one or several teeth.  It can even replace teeth by the natural teeth.  This is quite helpful to prevent the leftover teeth from moving to new positions created when the tooth in question is extracted or falls out.

What kind of problems will occur if dentures are poorly fit?

If the dentures do not properly fit, they might slip, pop out when eating or talking, damage the underlying bone structure and cause other problems. A dentist can adjust the dentures as necessary.

Do dentures require aftercare?

Yes. However, the aftercare requirements for dentures are a bit different from caring for regular teeth. People need to clean their dentures at least once each day with a soft brush, water and soap.  Clean the interior and exterior of the dentures. A dentist can show patients exactly how to soak the dentures, the best type of cleaning agent and other nuances of the cleaning process. Furthermore, patients need to visit us at least once every six months to ensure the dentures are in optimal condition.

Will my mouth feel different after dentures are in place?

Yes.  Dentures will feel slightly different than natural teeth.  You might find it is a bit challenging to speak after the dentures are in place.  The dentures smack a bit when talking.  Slow down your rate of speech, practice talking and it will not be long until your dentures feel perfectly normal.  You might also experience a bit of soreness in your gums as you are not used to new dentures.  Your dentist can adjust your dentures as necessary to alleviate such soreness.

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