Can My Family Dentist Provide a Teeth Straightening Treatment?

Posted on: November 25, 2019

teeth straightening Aurora, CO

If you or someone in your family has misaligned teeth, you need the right teeth straightening solution. Dentists focus on methods to repair these issues as well as correct bite abnormalities. If you prefer to get treatment from your dentist instead, you may be able to get braces and other work there too.

What orthodontics can treat

It is not uncommon for people to struggle with their smiles. Teeth straightening treatments can help patients with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps in the mouth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. Different methods to correct these issues include metal braces, clear aligners, retainers and headgear.

Duration of treatment

Every patient is different. The time the patient wears braces or other mouth appliances will depend on the severity of the condition. Most people will wear braces for up to three years but usually not less than one. Clear aligners offer faster treatment. A person could get straighter teeth in as few as six months. Retainers usually come after braces or aligners are off. A headgear is ordinarily used to repair significant bite dysfunctions.

Ideal age for orthodontic work

A patient does not need to wait for teeth straightening until they are a teenager. Professionals recommend children start seeing an orthodontist as early as age 7. Adult patients can also get help for crooked teeth and other cosmetic concerns. Braces are not meant solely for adolescents. However, clear aligners are not always the right choice for younger patients. It makes more sense to choose this method once a patient is in their late teens or early 20s.

A dentist’s role

Orthodontists have additional training in teeth straightening and repairing abnormalities of the jaw. This is often the first person a patient will visit to address these problems. For less severe cases, a family dentist can provide orthodontic work. Before deciding whether treatment is possible on a patient, the dentist will review the patient’s dental history. The dentist will also take X-rays and will make an impression of the mouth. These will tell the dentist and patient what tactics will be required to fix the issues.

Moving forward

If the dentist feels comfortable performing the work, the patient will come in for another consultation. Here, the dentist will go over the treatment plan, including whether braces or clear aligners will be most effective. The dentist will follow-up with the patient every four to eight weeks after putting on the braces or appliances. At each appointment, there will be adjustments to help the teeth move into the correct positions.

Get the right help for teeth straightening

If you would rather stick with your dentist for orthodontic work, you may be in your luck. Many dentists can handle minor or moderate misalignments. However, an orthodontist should be your choice if you have more severe oral problems to overcome. Speak with your dentist today so you can get an accurate evaluation of your needs. Then, you can move forward with a treatment that is right for you.

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