Can I Treat the Dental Crown on an Implant Like a Normal Tooth?

Posted on: July 15, 2019

If you know someone with a dental crown on an implant, you can see how realistic it looks. Then in talking to the individual, you learn it also feels comfortable. However, does that mean that you would treat it like a normal tooth? Learn some important facts about its proper care and maintenance.

Dental crown not dentures

While the quality of dentures has come a long way in recent years, most people still prefer dental implants. For someone missing one, several or an entire mouth of teeth, this option is worth discussing with a dentist. As a permanent solution, patients need to learn how to take care of dental implants and crowns. The reason is that sometimes, a dental crown requires a different treatment compared to a natural tooth.


Just like with natural teeth, it is essential that someone with a dental crown brush regularly. Brushing should be done not only after every meal but also after snacks. Because the crown sits flush with the gumline, there is very little space between the two. For that reason, it is relatively common for food particles to become trapped. For achieving optimal results when brushing, an individual should use a soft-bristled brush. That way, the flexible bristles can reach into the small crevices.


Also, someone with a permanent dental crown needs to floss on a consistent basis. However, instead of normal floss, anyone with a crown on implant should use a type of wax tape. Made specifically for implants, this too works great at clearing away debris. Since people need to floss crowns slightly different from natural teeth, it takes a little practice. An individual can always talk to their dentist for some much-needed guidance.


Even the type of toothpaste used matters. Remember, laboratories make a dental crown from either porcelain or porcelain infused with metal. Of the two, the all-porcelain option is preferred. Not only is this material strong, but it also looks the most natural. However, crowns do not have the same enamel protection as natural teeth do. For that reason, they can scratch easier.

To avoid any damage, a person wants to select a non-abrasive toothpaste. Again, they can ask the dentist for recommendations if needed. Then when brushing, it is important to use gentle strokes. For stubborn stains, there are products available specifically for a dental crown.

Chewing and biting

Regardless of the material used to make the dental crown, people should avoid eating anything extra crunchy or hard. Chewing on things is another no-no. While natural teeth can handle ice, hard candy and other similar things, porcelain cannot. People with a crown on implant need to make good decisions as to what they eat and bite down on.

Follow the rules to maintain a beautiful smile

If you want a dental crown on implant, not dentures, simply follow a few rules. Of course, if you have any concerns, discuss them with your dentist. By taking proper care of a dental crown, it will last a long time. Look and feel amazing by taking action today. Stop feeling embarrassed by your smile. Transform it.

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