A Dentist’s Top 4 Relaxation Techniques for Dental Anxiety

Posted on: May 15, 2020

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Dental anxiety does not have to hold you back from getting the dental treatment you need and maintaining good oral health and a beautiful smile. There are fortunately effective and easy ways to stay relaxed before and during a dentist appointment and reduce the amount of dental anxiety throughout the experience. 

Tips for dental anxiety relief

By learning about the more commonly recommended tips for relaxation and managing dental anxiety, you can remain confident and comfortable during your visit. Although dentists can offer more effective coping strategies, the following are four effective techniques for dental anxiety relief. 

Listen to music

It is important to talk to the dentist about any dental anxiety felt before arriving to the dentist. This allows the patient and the dentist to work out a way to address the patient’s biggest concerns. For many, the most notable concern related to dental anxiety deals with the sound of the drills and other dental instruments. By listening to music through headphones during the visit, the patient can block out noise and focus on soothing and relaxing sounds that they enjoy. 

Use hand signals

Another reason it is important to discuss dental anxiety with the dentist is so the patient can work out a way to use hand signals to get the attention of the dental professional during a procedure. By developing hand signals, a patient can signal that they are overwhelmed during the procedure if they start to feel panicked. While most patients typically do not need the hand signals, it does give peace of mind to those with dental anxiety that they are not trapped. Hand signals are particularly useful for those who choose to listen to music during treatment. 

Focus on breathing

Many who experience dental anxiety before or during a dental visit start to experience irregular breathing patterns. This can be attributed to a range of reasons, including a more rapid heartbeat and mentally focusing on the anxiety they experience. One great way to address dental anxiety and become more relaxed is to simply focus on breathing patterns. It is helpful to try breathing exercises, but simply making an effort to take consistent deep breaths can relieve stress and help the patient feel more comfortable. 

Ask about sedation

Sedation dentistry involves the use of drugs to help the patient relax and feel less discomfort and anxiety during a dental procedure. Not all dentists offer sedation dentistry for all dental procedures, but it is often a good idea for those with moderate to severe forms of dental anxiety to ask about sedation if they feel it will help them feel more comfortable during their dental visit. 

Find out more about dental anxiety

Here at our dental practice, we help our patients feel more comfortable and relaxed by creating a friendly environment. Our friendly dental professionals are more than happy to answer your questions and address your dental anxiety concerns. If you are looking for a friendly dentist and are in need of a dental checkup or dental service, then reach out to us today.

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