5 Questions to Ask During Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Posted on: April 6, 2019

A smile makeover consultation is the first step towards getting your teeth to look the way you have always wanted them to. We all worry about the way our teeth look. It is one of the first things people notice about us and its normal to be reluctant to show them off if you are not happy about the way they look.

A smile makeover can fix any issues you may have with your teeth. Just make sure you let the dentist know what you are unsatisfied with and how you want your teeth to look. Regardless of the condition of a person's teeth, there is a dental treatment that can fix it up.

Important questions to ask during a smile makeover consultation

Once you have made your appointment for a smile makeover, here are some important questions to ask your dentist:

1. Which procedures are recommended?

Patients should find out which treatments will be performed during their smile consultation. Most smile makeovers consist of multiple treatments and a good dentist will inform the patient about the treatments and if there are any alternatives.

The dentist should be willing to find the most effective and economical solution for the patient.

2. How much does everything cost?

Before starting smile makeover treatments, patients should find out what their total bill will be for everything. They should also find out if the treatments will be covered by their insurance provider or if they will need to foot the bill.

Getting all this sorted out prevents the patient from being overwhelmed with bills during the treatment.

3. How long before results are visible?

It is equally important to have a clear picture of what to expect once treatment starts. Patients should discuss how long each treatment takes, and how long it takes to see results. For example, teeth whitening can produce dramatic results after a single treatment, while braces can take up to two years to correct alignment issues.

4. Are there any before and after photos?

If there is one thing all good cosmetic dentists have in common, it is their urge to show off before and after pictures of their previous patients. Why would they not want to show off their good results? A good cosmetic dentist will be proud of having restored previous patients' smiles successfully.

Patients should go through these photos during their consultation, especially those of previous patients who were dealing with similar issues.

5. How long does the treatment last?

Patients should also find out how long they can expect their newly restored smile to look amazing. Some treatments, like teeth whitening, require maintenance treatments since the patient's teeth are still exposed to the things that discolored them in the first place.

Need a smile makeover?

A smile makeover consultation is the right time to explore your options and move towards getting the smile of your dreams. Have a great time and ask all the questions that come into your mind.

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