4 Tips for Cleaning Your Dentures

Posted on: April 10, 2019

Dentures have been around for a long time as a method of replacement for missing teeth. These dental prosthetic appliances are allowing people to chew naturally again while also showing off a smile that they can feel confident about.

While dentures can allow for a person to feel themselves again, it is extremely important to follow a routine in which regular cleaning is done. Being aware of how to keep your dentures clean can be helpful if you are unsure of what steps to take. Below, we outline a few cleaning tips!

Tips for cleaning dentures

#1. Rinse after each meal

Many people do not think that rinsing their dentures after eating is important, but that could not be further from the truth. Because the dentures act as artificial or replacement teeth, they are just as likely to get food stuck in them. Just like with natural teeth, dentures can be put at risk if food particles remain left behind.

Rinsing the dentures after each meal can be helpful in keeping them as clean as possible. A simple denture-rinsing solution or warm water can be used. 

#2. Brush regularly

Because dentures are replacement teeth, it is important that a person still brushes them as if they were natural teeth. Brushing regularly will allow bacteria to be removed, which could cause damage later on.

Using a soft-headed brush or one made of nylon is the ideal way to brush dentures. Any type of brush that is medium or hard bristled may be too harsh. A soft-headed or nylon brush will be strong enough to keep the dentures clean and bacteria-free.

#3. Soak dentures

When the dentures are not being worn, such as during the night, it is best to leave them soaking. This allows for a good cleaning every day, which will help prevent bacteria from growing.

A denture-cleaning solution or warm water can be used to soak the dentures each night. Keeping them moist while not in use will prevent them from drying out, a condition that may cause a need for replacement later on.

#4. Avoid abrasive or bleach-heavy products

When cleaning the dentures and rest of the mouth each day, it is important to avoid any products that are extremely abrasive or heavy in bleach ingredients.

Harsh kinds of toothpaste, hard-bristled brushes, and mouthwashes that contain alcohol all can cause damage to the dentures. Also, any products that contain bleach, such as ones for teeth whitening, should be avoided. Dentures should not be bleached, and it can actually harm the dentures if attempted.

Dental appointments

All these denture cleaning tips can help someone who is not sure how to clean their dentures properly. However, it is ultimately best for a person to consult with their dentist regularly about their dentures. They are, after all, experts on these dental appliances and can provide the best recommendations for keeping your dentures clean.

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