10 Healthy Food and Drinks for Teeth

Posted on: October 20, 2018

Gooey, sticky candy is not the best for teeth! When it comes to teeth, eating healthy can strengthen the immune system.  Strive for a balanced plate with the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein.

Treat the teeth!

Let's start with a list of 10 healthy foods:

Water. Nothing hydrates the body like plain water. After eating sugary foods drinking water helps to rinse the food particles from the teeth. Diluting acids reduces bacteria that convert to sugar into acid. Drinking water with fluoride helps strengthen teeth. For children, it is especially important for water to have fluoride.

Milk. Milk has calcium, vitamin D and protein. A deficiency in vitamin D can create a painful condition called burning mouth syndrome. This syndrome feels like a scalding sensation on the tongue, lips, plate or throughout the mouth.

Lean protein. Meat, poultry, fish and eggs are a good source of phosphorous for the teeth. Enamel, the protective layering on the teeth need phosphorous. Fish and chicken boast with a vitamin B3. Nuts and almonds among other nuts offer vitamin B2 and B12. Iron is an essential ingredient for healthy gums and teeth.

Sweet potatoes. Rich root vegetable, a source of vitamin A helps protect the enamel on the teeth and wards off cavities. Vitamin A preserves the mucous membranes and soft tissue of the gums. The vitamin is also vibrant in upholding the protein keratin, an agent that promotes the development of tooth enamel.

Cheese and dairy. Both rich in calcium and protein, cheese and dairy also reduce acidity which plaque hates. Chewing on hard cheese produces saliva production, washing away bacteria in the mouth. Yogurt is another excellent example of a food choice for probiotics supplying healthy bacteria.

Crunchy produce and leafy greens. Kale, spinach and leafy greens give a healthy dose of nutrients. Spinach is rich in both vitamins A, vitamins B2 and B12.  Crunchy foods such as apples, carrots or celery promote saliva which dilutes acids and assists in the removal of debris in the teeth.

Tea. Black teas and green tea help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Green tea antioxidants promote overall health. Think Polyphenols! Known to reduce bacteria these ingredients are also packed with rich fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth.

Strawberries, oranges and additional vitamin C. Vitamin C initiates healthy gums and quick healing properties. Keeping vitamin C level high will also protect the gums from bleeding easily and lose teeth.

Sugar-free gum. Not only tastes good but also helps stimulate saliva and clean teeth.

Garlic. Allicin contained in garlic have strong antimicrobial properties. Garlic helps fight tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Wise choices

For healthy teeth and healthy living think before eating. Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks between meals can help with staying on track! Overall foods high in vitamin B and C will help support oral hygiene.

Check-ups to the dentist, brushing twice daily and using a fluoride mouthwash are great partners with healthy foods. 

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